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UPWalker Lite Backsaver Lightweight Upright Walker (only 15lbs) - Fully Assembled, Padded Armrest & Backrest, Rolling Mobility Aid that Keeps Back Erect | Adjustable Stand-Up Folding Rollator Walker with Seat for Seniors & Adults

UPWalker Lite Backsaver Lightweight Upright Walker (only 15lbs) - Fully Assembled, Padded Armrest & Backrest, Rolling Mobility Aid that Keeps Back Erect | Adjustable Stand-Up Folding Rollator Walker with Seat for Seniors & Adults

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Discover the UpWalker Lite by Supreme Medical, the perfect mobility aid for seniors, disabled individuals, those recuperating from surgery or injury, and home medical equipment providers. We understand the importance of independence and mobility in maintaining a high quality of life, and the UpWalker Lite is designed to provide just that.

Upwalker Lite Features

Key Features:

1. Innovative Design: The UpWalker Lite features a unique upright design that allows you to walk comfortably and securely, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of strain and injury.

2. Adjustable Height: Customize the height of your UpWalker Lite to ensure a perfect fit for your body, making each step you take a breeze.

3. Comfortable Seating: Take a break whenever you need with the comfortable padded seat, providing a convenient resting place during walks.

4. Dual Locking Handbrakes: Safety is paramount, which is why the UpWalker Lite comes equipped with dual locking handbrakes, giving you full control over your mobility.

5. Lightweight and Portable: Easily transport your UpWalker Lite, thanks to its lightweight and foldable design. It's the ideal companion for outings and travel.

6. Promotes Independence: Regain your freedom and independence with this mobility aid, whether it's to stroll through the park or simply move around your home comfortably.

At Supreme Medical, we're committed to enhancing the lives of our customers. The UpWalker Lite is a testament to that commitment. It's time to step out with confidence and enjoy the world around you. Invest in your mobility and well-being today by ordering the UpWalker Lite.

For home medical equipment providers, the UpWalker Lite offers a valuable solution to meet the mobility needs of your clients. Don't miss out on the opportunity to offer this innovative and life-changing product. Purchase the UpWalker Lite from Supreme Medical now!

Upwalker Lite comparison to traditional rolling walker

Rediscover walking ease, comfort and freedom.

New lightweight, compact mobility solution designed for daily living.

  • The UWalker Lite is a smaller, lighter, lower-priced version of the original UPWalker, especially well-suited for indoor use.
  • Designed to maneuver in tighter spaces and for users who might be challenged by a heavier walker.
  • Weighing just 15.5 pounds, the UPWalker Lite is easy to lift and transport.
  • Increases mobility and independence for the elderly and mobility challenged.
  • Enables users to stand upright and look ahead with better support, greater dignity and confidence to remain more active.
  • Clinical study of LifeWalker technology showed improved posture, safer, more stable feeling, and reduced pain in legs, back, hands and wrists.
  • Includes a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag.

Upwalker Lite Backsaver Rollator Upright Walker Testimonials

Customer Questions & Answers

How does the price of the UPWalker Lite compare with other walkers/rollators?

The UPWalker Lite’s price reflects the fact that it is a truly revolutionary mobility product designed and produced to be durable with quality workmanship and benefits not found in other walkers.

What accessories will my UPWalker Lite come with?

The UPWalker Lite comes with a personal bag, a beverage holder and a backrest support for sitting.

What is the UPWalker Lite?

The UPWalker Lite is a lighter and smaller model of the original UPWalker, the revolutionary new mobility product that enables users to walk upright in a safer, more secure posture as compared to traditional walkers and rollators that cause users to hunch over. Compared to the original UPWalker, the UPWalker Lite is easier to maneuver in tighter spaces, easier to lift and transport better and suited for smaller, frailer users.

What are benefits of the UPWalker Lite?

Like the original UPWalker, the UPWalker Lite improves mobility and increases independence for the elderly and mobility challenged. According to clinical research, the unique design of the UPWalker Lite reduces pain in the wrists, back and leg joints as compared to traditional walkers, and the upright position enables the user to walk farther with less effort.

How does the UPWalker Lite restore dignity?

Because you are able to walk using upright posture, you are able to look straight at your friends and loved ones without being hunched over looking at the ground.

The UPWalker Lite looks complicated. Is it easy to use?

The UPWalker Lite was designed with user convenience in mind and arrives fully assembled with an easy-to-follow User Guide. Using the UPWalker Lite requires no more than a few steps to open and close and to use for walking or sitting.

Is any assembly required?

No, the UPWalker Lite comes fully assembled with an easy-to-follow User Guide. It can be removed from the box, adjusted to your personal desire and used immediately.

Does the UPWalker Lite include a seat?

Yes, the UPWalker Lite includes a fabric seat. Also comes with comfortable backrest support for sitting.

Does the UPWalker Lite include a bag or basket?

Yes, the UPWalker Lite comes standard with a personal item bag that attaches to the front of the frame. The size of the Standard Personal Item Bag is 17" wide x 4" deep x 11" high.

What material(s) is the UPWalker Lite made of?

The sturdy frame is made from aluminum alloy and other quality materials including composite plastic and polyurethane. Many of these materials are used in the automobile and aircraft industries.

What colors are available?

Dark luster silver.

Are other colors available by special order?

No, not at this time.

Does the UPWalker Lite come with brakes?

Yes, with comfortable ergonomic handles. The brakes stop the rear wheels, and the brakes also function as parking brakes for sitting or standing from seated position.

Does one brake stop both wheels?

No, they function independently and brake only one wheel each.

Does the UPWalker Lite come with reverse brakes?


Does the UPWalker Lite include parking brakes?


Is the UPWalker Lite one size fits all, or is it adjustable?

The UPWalker Lite has easily adjustable-height armrests for different user heights.

Does the height of the armrests adjust independently of each other?


What is the height range for UPWalker Lite users?

The height range is 4'7" to 5'10". For taller individuals, we also offer the UPWalker Premium Lite that will accommodate users up to 6'1".

What is the maximum / minimum height of the armrests?

The maximum height is 45" and the minimum height is 34".

How much can a user of the UPWalker Lite weigh?

The user can weigh up to 300 lbs.

How high off the ground are the sit-to-stand assist handles?

The sit-to-stand assist handles are 27" from the ground.

Do the wheels lock in place?

The rear wheels are locked in place. The front wheels pivot.

Does the UPWalker Lite come with safety reflectors so one can be more easily seen at night?

Yes, on the front wheels, and you can order an optional attachable flashlight/taillight if used at night.

What are the benefits of the UPWalker Lite?

The UPWalker Lite enables you to walk with upright posture in a safer, more secure manner than with conventional walkers and rollators. Using the UPWalker Lite gives you greater freedom and independence. The UPWalker Lite has been shown in a research study to reduce back, wrist and lower limb pain and enable the user to walk farther with less effort.

Will the UPWalker Lite relieve my pain?

The UPWalker Lite has been shown in a research study to unload body weight from the lower limbs and reduce back and lower limb pain as a result. The upright armrests also reduce pain in the wrists and hands that can occur with traditional walkers and rollators, especially if you have arthritis.

Is the UPWalker Lite suitable for rehabilitation after surgery or injury?

Yes, physical therapists often encourage use of the UPWalker Lite when assisted mobility is needed.

Which medical institutions use the UPWalker Lite?

Many hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and physical therapists have found benefits with and use UPWalker products.

How much does the UPWalker Lite weigh?

The UPWalker Lite weighs15.5 lbs.; 17 lbs. with the backrest and personal item bag.

What are the dimensions of the UPWalker Lite?

The dimensions of  the UPWalker Lite are 29" long (wheel base) x 24.8" wide (outside width).

What is the inside width of the UPWalker Lite?

The inside width of the UPWalker Lite is 18".

What is the narrowest door opening that the UPWalker Lite can pass through?

The UPWalker Lite is 24.8" wide and will go through most doorways.

What are the dimensions of the UPWalker Lite when folded for storage?

The dimensions of the UPWalker Lite when folded are 29" long x 8.5" wide x 40" high.

What are the dimensions of the seat?

The seat dimensions are 18" wide x 10" deep.

What is the height of the seat from the ground?

The seat height from the ground is 21.5".

How large are the wheels?

The front wheels are 8" in diameter and the rear wheels are 6" in diameter.

What material are the wheels made of?

The wheels are made of PVC (not inflated).

What material are the armrests and handles made of?

The armrests and handles are made of a comfortable, foam polyurethane material.

What are the dimensions of the box?

The dimensions of the box are 30" long x 9" wide x 41" high.

What is the shipping weight?

The shipping weight is 23 lbs.

Can I transport the UPWalker Lite in my car?

Yes, the UPWalker Lite folds easily for storage and transport. It fits in the trunk or back seat of most cars.

Will it fit in my car?

We have found that the UPWalker Lite fits in most cars, unless it is a very small compact car trunk. You can measure the inside of your trunk to be certain. Some people find it easier to place the UPWalker Lite in the back seat of their four door car.

Can I use the UPWalker Lite in my home?

The UPWalker Lite is designed for everyday use in the home or living facility. It will go through standard sized doorways and is easy to maneuver on a variety of surfaces. The UPWalker Lite includes numerous features that make its use indoors comfortable, convenient and safe.

Can I use the UPWalker Lite outdoors?

Yes, the UPWalker Lite works outdoors. The UPWalker Lite includes a seat with backrest, personal item bag and beverage holder that will make your outdoor walking experience convenient and comfortable.

Is the UPWalker Lite designed for user comfort?

The UPWalker Lite is ergonomically designed for user comfort. The UPWalker LiteWhat accessories come standard with the UPWalker Lite? can be adjusted for the user’s height. Soft materials are used in the armrests and handholds.

What is the warranty on the UPWalker Lite?

The UPWalker Lite is covered from top to bottom with a one-year limited warranty. You can find out more information about the warranty in the User Guide.

Upwalker Lite Benefits

Product Details

Specification Measurements
Dimensions Length: 29"
Width: 24.8"
Height: 32.5" – 43.5"
Armrest Height Range 34" – 45"
Seat Dimensions Length: 18"
Width: 10"
Folded Dimensions Length: 29"
Width: 8.5"
Height: 40"
User Height Range 4'7" - 5'10"
Weight 15.5 lbs
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Front Wheel Size 8"
Back Wheel Size 6"
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