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Step2bed Adjustable Bedside Step Stool with Handrail (supports up to 800lbs) - Bed Rails for Elderly with Adjustable Height Bed Step Stool & LED Light for Fall Prevention | Portable Medical Step Stool for Seniors, Comes with Handicap Grab Bars

Step2bed Adjustable Bedside Step Stool with Handrail (supports up to 800lbs) - Bed Rails for Elderly with Adjustable Height Bed Step Stool & LED Light for Fall Prevention | Portable Medical Step Stool for Seniors, Comes with Handicap Grab Bars

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Introducing the Step2Bed, the ultimate solution to enhance safety and independence for seniors, disabled individuals, those recovering from surgery or injury, and concerned children of elderly parents. Our bed safety step is designed to prevent falls and ensure peace of mind for everyone involved.

Watch the Step2bed Fall Prevention Video to learn how this product helps prevent older adults from falling at home. If you're worried about your Mom or Dad getting in and out of bed safely, the Step2bed can help put your mind at ease.

Key Features:

  1. Safety and Confidence: The Step2Bed provides a sturdy and secure platform to assist individuals in getting in and out of bed safely, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

  2. Adjustable Height: With adjustable step height settings, this bed safety step accommodates varying bed heights, ensuring a customized fit for different individuals and bed types.

  3. Motion-Activated LED Light: The built-in motion-activated LED light illuminates the path, making nighttime transitions safer and more convenient.

  4. Dual Handrails: The Step2Bed features two ergonomic handrails, providing extra support and stability during the process of getting in and out of bed.

  5. Versatile Design: Its versatile design allows it to be used on either side of the bed, catering to individual preferences and room layout.

  6. Durable and Easy to Clean: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Step2Bed is both durable and easy to clean, ensuring long-lasting use and hygiene.

  7. No Tools Required: Easy assembly without the need for tools makes setup a breeze.

Did you know that over 1 million people a year have knee or hip replacement surgery? Watch the Step2bed Post-Surgery Recovery Video to see how this product can help reduce your risk for falling at home after having surgery.

The Step2Bed by Supreme Medical is more than just a bed safety step; it's a valuable addition to any bedroom, providing peace of mind to individuals and their loved ones. It's the perfect aid for seniors looking to maintain their independence, those recovering from surgery or injury, and children who worry about the safety of their elderly parents at home.

With the Step2Bed, you can rest assured that your loved ones have the support they need to navigate their daily routines with confidence and safety. Invest in their well-being and enhance the quality of their life with the Step2Bed by Supreme Medical.


Clinically Proven to Help Reduce the Risk of Falls

In a recent study conducted by San Diego State University, researchers concluded that the step2bed helps reduce the risk of falls. Furthermore, it decreases the effort and range-of-motion needed to get out of bed. The step2bed has also been clinically proven to improve stability and increase safety.

Support Bar for Safety

Made of steel and equipped with perpendicular grab bars, the bedside step stool is sturdy, offers full support, and can withstand up to 800 lbs. of weight. The soft padding on the handrail ensures a tight and secure grip.

Easy to Use Step

A prominent feature of the step stool for the bed is the extra-wide step that reduces the risk of tripping or falling. The Velcro straps and anti-slip rubber feet hold the stool in place and decrease the chances of skidding or slipping.

Motion Activated Light

The motion-activated LED light sensor detects human presence within 10 feet and instantly illuminates the floor of the bed step stool. It can light up an area of about 121 sq. ft for about 30 seconds.

Adjustable Height

The floor of the bed step stool can be easily adjusted (as much as 2.5’’ to 7.5’’) to match the height of your bed. This allows you to use your old bed without making any modifications whatsoever. The height of the step2bed can be easily customized to fit both high and low beds.

Durable and easy to assemble

The materials used in making step2bed bedside safety step stools are of the highest quality and strictly adhere to international standards. This 20 lbs. bed step stool for the elderly is easy to assemble and fits on any side of the bed. Read the Step2bed Assembly Instructions to learn just how easy the Step2bed is to assemble at home.

Can be Used as Safety Bed Rails

The Step2bed is a safer alternative to standard bed rails and comes in different dimensions that suit your room size and the height and weight of your bed. As a safety bed rails, it provides a pathway for easy access to and from the bed. In addition, its distinctive features, such as the perpendicular handrails, motion-sensor LED light, and height-adjustable step ensures safety, comfort, and convenience for the elderly.

Customer Questions & Answers

1. What is the Step2Bed made of?

Step2bed is made of steel tubing and metal fixtures.

2. Is the Step2Bed connected to the bed?

No, it is a free-standing stool with steps for a bed that sits at the bedside. It is equipped with Velcro straps that secure itself to the bed for stability. 

3. Can the Step2Bed go on either side of the bed?

Yes, the product can be assembled and used on either side of the bed. 

4. Can people with knee pain or injury use the Step2Bed?

Yes, step2bed is useful for people who have knee pain, hip pain, or injury. It can also be used by specially-abled people or individuals recovering from surgery who need bed steps to get in and out of bed. 

5. How much weight does the Step2Bed support?

The original step2bed weighs only 20 lbs. and supports up to 400 lbs. The step2bed XL weighs only 22 lbs. and supports up to 800 lbs.

6. Can I adjust the height of the Step2Bed?

The floor of the bed step stool can be easily adjusted (as much as 2.5’’ to 7.5’’) to match the height of your bed. The step2bed can be used for both high and low beds. 

7What are the dimensions of the Step2Bed?

18" L x 32" W x 32" H

8. Does the Step2Bed come pre-assembled?

No, but it's only four pieces, six bolts, and four legs that adjust the height that you'll need to put together. Watch this 1 minute Step2Bed Assembly Video to see just how easy it is to put together!

9. How is the Step2Bed different from other bed rails for seniors in the market?

The Step2bed comes with unique features, such as grab bars, a motion-sensor LED light, adjustable height, and a safe pathway to get in and out of bed. These offer an added advantage to seniors with mobility issues, unlike other standard bed rails for seniors in the market. Watch just how easy it is to get into bed and get out of bed without falling!

Step2bed is the essential bed safety fall prevention aid.  To be used in the bedroom for anyone with mobility issues to help them get in-and-out of bed safer. With the ability to support up to 800 lbs, almost everyone will be able to use this innovative product in their home. The step2bed uses motion activated LED lighting to guide the way.  The step2bed is unlike any product on the market!  The step2bed can be assembled on either side of the bed.  Steel support grab bars help give peace of mind when getting in-and-out of bed.  Most beds sit too high and are difficult to get in-and-out of. The step2bed helps provide the safety of a step and a grab bar to create a safe bedroom environment. 

This is the perfect bedroom safety assist aid for: Seniors, Elderly, Disabled, Handicapped, Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement and recovery and those suffering from back pain or other injuries.  Adjustable height step with non-slip grip tape.  Height adjustment settings from 2.5”-7.5” for any size bed.  Non-Slip Grip Tape helps reduce the risk of falls.  Soft foam padded grip provides comfort and safety.  This durable and attractive design is made of stainless steel with a powder coating finish for long term use and satisfaction. Velcro straps are included to provide extra stability. Order your Step2bed today from Supreme Medical and ensure the safety of yourself or loved ones!

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