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Aseptic vs Clean Technique in Healthcare
Aseptic vs Clean Technique in Healthcare

Aseptic vs Clean Technique in Healthcare as discussed by Janette Ostrander, National Clinical Sales Manager for Dynarex Corporation. Click Here for a printer-friendly version to easily distribute to your staff.

Aseptic vs Clean Technique

Clinicians perform different procedures using different techniques. Example: Surgery requires strict aseptic technique. Aseptic Technique requires the use of various barriers to prevent the transfer of microorganisms from health care personnel and the environment to the patient during a procedure. The following personal protective equipment may be used:

  • Sterile gloves
  • Sterile gowns
  • Sterile drapes
  • Masks

Involves procedures for patient and equipment preparation, such as the following:

  • Antiseptic skin preparation of the patient at the time of the procedure
  • Sterile instruments
  • Sterile equipment
  • Sterile devices

Includes environmental controls, such as the following:

  • Keeping doors closed during operative procedures
  • Minimizing traffic into and out of operating rooms
  • Excluding unnecessary personnel during procedures

Only sterile-to-sterile contact is allowed; sterile to non-sterile contact must be avoided during the procedure. 

Example: Central line insertion.

Clean Technique involves reducing the number of microorganisms to minimize the risk of transmission from the environment or health care personnel, using the following:

  • Appropriate hand hygiene
  • Clean gloves

Efforts are made to prevent direct contamination of supplies and materials. Patient's environment undergoes routine cleaning. Sterile-to-sterile rules do not apply, although sterile equipment is used as indicated.

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